montana mariscal: waddddup???

Milwaukee, Wi .:. College Student .:. Art .:. Theatre .:. Neopagan .:. Street Art Fanatic .:.F*ck you. I'm a prophet.

The only reason I wish to be famous is so people would take paparazzi photos of me with my dog and talk about how adorable he is.

I wanna go on a trip. A long trip to a new place that I have to fly to. Maybe Europe. Or Australia. Or some place in South America. Some place cool. And I would wanna meet new people and do fun things with them. And yeah. I wanna go on a trip.

Things I want to do when I get my life back:

1. Clean
2. Draw
3. Watercolor
4. Puppy class
5. Learn about plants
5a. Learn about plants/herbs from a pagan point of view
6. Adventures with the boyfriend

Basically have a life.


Shakespearean Insult Bandages

Even knaves, rascals and scoundrels get scrapes and cuts that require bandages. This set of fifteen bandages are decorated with an image of Shakespeare and one of fifteen insults from his plays.Currently on sale for just $5.59 at Amazon!



In honor of Batman Day, here are a few silly Dark Knight comics I drew in 2012.

Happy Batman day, ya’ll. Here’s my RDHW Dark Knight Rises comic strip trilogy from 2012.

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Matt Moore

This series of mosaic mandalas was created entirely with elements foraged on the mountain and in the valley : River pebbles and stones, shale, red rocks from the high elevations, dead branches from aspen trees, bark from evergreens, cattails from the lake’s edge, dried wild grasses from yesteryear, and cut dead branches exposing the rings of the tree’s life


Coming home to this every night is worth all the ridiculous crap I do.

Coming home to this every night is worth all the ridiculous crap I do.